Success Circle – Four Pillars to Get Time and Money

Hello to all and welcome to our new article about “Success Circle – Four Pillars to Get Time and Money”. In this article, we will discuss what the four pillars are for any human being to be successful and how we can get time and money from it.

In this article of “Success Circle – Four Pillars to Get Time and Money”, I will also discuss your views on it. So in midst of the article, you can share your reviews/ answers. Let’s start it first by asking some basic questions to you:

  1. Do you run a business or are self-employed or do a job?

  2. What is the best thing to do to get more money and time?

  3. What is a success in your words?

You must write notes/answers for above questions and keep it with you. After reading and understanding this article; I request you to re-answer the above questions. You will have different answers then.

So now I am going to share/discuss the life and work tools/systems that we follow to get success. What will be your answer if I ask in general, “Why we do a Job/Business?” Of course, your answer will be: “Money”; if the answer is so simple and straightforward then what are we going to discuss here? Well, in this article “Success Circle – Four Pillars to Get Time and Money” we will be talking about the not so obvious answer. We are going to talk about time. Time is the most important thing that we are unable to share or to be more precise, we underestimate its importance.

Let’s differentiate between the time and money in four areas according to the life of a human being. A Human being has four different areas in which he/she spend his/her entire life to manage the balance in his life and live happily.

Four important elements of life and work of a Human Being - Personal Life Professional Life Social Life and Spiritual Life

As you can see above I have mentioned the four important elements of life and work of a human being: Personal Life, Professional Life, Social Life and Spiritual Life.

Personal Life:

Most of the things that we do is related to fulfill our objectives of personal life. In personal life, we talk about the ‘me’ factor and to a great deal it involves ‘my family’. It is about the family that we care about and for whom we feel our responsibilities. Thriving for success and growing for them is one important push that we all have. We always earn money in order to fulfill their needs and sometimes, we also save money for the future needs. But how much time do we actually give to our family?

Professional Life:

In professional life, we talk about our career. Whether we do a job or are self-employed, we all have a professional life. Normally, we spend a certain amount our time in this professional life in order to get a fixed amount of time. Again, in order to gain more money, we are losing time.

Social Life:

Our social life revolves around helping others, doing social work and doing more activities. In social life, it becomes important for us to spend both time and money. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a good social life, you need to have both time and money.

Spiritual Life:

It is a very important part of a human life. But I need to clear a fact with you. Spirituality doesn’t depend on any religion. But it has a vital role in your life. If you have time and money you can enjoy your spiritual life and move forward.

How these “Success Circle – Four Pillars to get time and money” move forward to Success?

Four Pillars of Success Circle

In the above figure, I have shared another image of ‘Success Circle – Four Pillars to Get Time and Money’ to explain what the process is about – How you can move ahead to manage and get money and time to be Successful in your life.

Below I have described the four pillars with more details and what you can do to get most of it.

Spiritual Life

Be Motivated. Believe in your inner-self. It is through meditation that we can reach the highest level of spirituality.

Personal Life

Try to spend time in your personal growth and your family. You can invest your time in personal discussion, personal work, goal, life moral and many such activities. I wish you will enjoy and have a good time with your family.  There are more activities and techniques you can follow for personal growth and know more about how to utilize time to make it most of it.

Professional Life

A professional life is very important for us because we have lots of dreams. Not all dreams are related to money but most of them are fulfilled by it. Therefore, it becomes important to make our professional life more effective and fruitful. In professional life, if you want to be more successful then always try to learn. Now, apply your learning to increase your wage in the same working time.

Social Life

I hope you love and like to explore new things and to meet new people. The most important thing is to keep relations with them as well. Be proactive and always keep a relationship with others by helping, wishing, meeting, giving time and communicating with them. Never try to fake your feelings to maintain a relation. Be clean and be your real self.

What is missing?

By managing and enjoying all 4 Pillars of your life you will get success in your life. Be positive and make sure that negative energy doesn’t impact you. Read books and be in touch with motivated people. If you surround yourself with successful people, you too will become successful. Make sure, in midst of it, you take care of your life security. Life security becomes very important in the later days of the life. But the question is how can you achieve it?

How To Get Security of Life?

Security of life means you are secure about your responsibilities and duties in future. Current working lifestyle and work are self-dependent and there is no security if something happens with that person. We need to do always a smart work with future benefits to make it secure.

Let me Share a Little Interesting Story:

A Long time ago there were 2 friends – A and B. They were workless and trying to find a job. They came to know that in their village – people were facing issues with water. Both friends started a work to help village people by getting water from outside of their village by foot. After few days they both were earning good and enjoying.

After few weeks A was thinking to earn more money, so he started investing more time in next few weeks. He was enjoying his life by an improved lifestyle. Most of the people laughed at B and said that A was doing a good job and was enjoying his life to the fullest.

Meanwhile, B was also doing hard work to install a pipeline from the neighbouring village to his village. After a few weeks, the pipeline got ready. Now B managed to make his office in the village. He now no longer needs to do manual hard work. After the installation of the pipeline, he started working smartly to continue the service.

A was doing the same work again and again but ultimately B gained the success. In next few months, B planned his system in other villages and started earning a good income. This also improved his lifestyle. B created a network. By using the network power, he got security in his life in terms of both money and time. Now B can enjoy his time and money to live his life successfully.

The Power of Network Can make you Successful.

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