Who is the success really for? Are there certain people who just have a knack for success? Are there others who are just destined for success? Is it available for anyone and everyone to be successful? Or is it only for the privileged few? What about you? Will you succeed or will you fail? We all know that there are people who succeed in life and there are people who fail; this has been true for centuries. There are a lot of people who believe that some are destined to fail while others are destined to succeed.

You Are Destined For Success- Failure

So what about you? Which category are you in? Are you destined to succeed or are you destined to fail? How can you tell? There is someone that you can ask who will tell you which category you are in. In fact, they can tell you with complete confidence and precise accuracy whether you will succeed or whether you will fail. That person just happens to be the absolute authority on the subject.

You ask and find out so that you will know whether you are destined for success or failure. After all, that would be some pretty important information to find out.. Wouldn’t?

Knowing this would certainly help you in the decisions that you make. It would give you a clear picture of your future. You would know, with certainty, exactly what to expect and what not to expect. For example, if that person told you that you were destined to fail, you would know to not take any chances on anything – you’d stand no chance of success. You would know that you should spend as little money as possible and hoard every dime you make, because hard times are quickly approaching. You would be well advised that there would be no opportunities coming your way -after all, those are only for those who succeed. On the other hand, if that person told you that you were destined for success, you would know that taking a chance would likely result in a positive outcome. You would harbor no fear of losing your money, because you would know that your earnings would continue to increase. You would probably be very excited every day knowing that great opportunities were coming your way! Having concrete knowledge of being either a success or a failure will also certainly help to direct your attitude concerning life in general. If that person informs you that you will be a failure, then you will know to carry a failure attitude and talk of all the negatives of life. On the other hand, if you discover that you are going to be a success, you can go around positive and happy, expecting one great day after another after all, you are destined for success!

So, my advice is to ask this person who absolutely knows which it is: whether you are destined to be a failure or a success. Find out today in which direction you are headed. You really need to know and not to guess. Don’t wait!

The person to ask, of course, is you! Yes – you. Your mindset, what you truly believe about yourself determines your course and destination of success or failure. When you look in the mirror, do you see someone mediocre? Do you see a very successful person? Who do you see? What do you really believe about that person who is looking back at you?

The answer to that question holds the key to the path that you have chosen. All your current circumstances and past experiences do not determine your path – you do. If you don’t see a successful person staring back at you in the mirror, but you want to really want to – then here’s the great part: you can change!

 Who you really believe you are your belief system, your mindset that you have built. However, it is possible to build a new one, one thought at a time. You must tell yourself over and over who it is you really desire to be. The person you are today is a result of your input. Change your belief system by consciously changing your input, one thought at a time, day by day.

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