Feel Your Way to Financial Freedom

What keeps people from being wealthy is negative emotional money buttons. Your ‘money buttons’ are buttons that get pressed when you have certain negative thoughts about money. Negative thoughts produce negative experiences that in turn create more negative thoughts and feelings and therefore more negative results. This thought-feeling-response-thought-feeling pattern gets repeated over and over and wears a deep energy pattern into your psyche. It is like playing the same record or tape over and over again.

Feel Your Way to Financial Freedom
Feel Your Way to Financial Freedom

If you want a new record or tape to play, one that makes you feel good and produces the results you want (financial freedom), you need to remove the old pattern before you install a new one. Here’s how to defuse the negative money buttons and install new ones

  1. Invoke typically experience around money. Focus your awareness and attention on where the negative feelings around money turn up in your body. For some, this is in the chest, head, or neck. It does not matter where it is, just focus on where it shows up for you.
  2. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the part that is most intense. Then just put all your attention on what it feels like in that place. After a few minutes open your eyes and notice the difference. Often the feeling dissipates, expands, releases, or shifts. This means you are scrambling the emotional pattern and releasing the energy that has been stuck there for some time.
  3. Repeat this exercise every time you have feelings of discomfort around money.
  4. At the same time, you can also super-saturate your environment with new beliefs and ideas around money and wealth creation. Read books, articles, magazines about money and wealth creation. Write out your intentions for building wealth – why do you want to be wildly wealthy? Seek out role models who have created what you want to create and learn everything you can about how they did it. Put up pictures and images of the things you want to create and experience as a result of your wealth. This will keep generating feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.
  5. The aim of these exercises is to get you feeling good, really good, about money, wealth and wealth creation. When you feel good, your intuition will guide you to opportunities that will help create whatever it is your desire. Never Give Up your aim and goals until you achieve.

The more you resonate with feelings of excitement, energy, enthusiasm, gratitude, and pleasure when it comes to money thoughts, then the more you will be able to attract and create for yourself. The beauty of this approach is that you feel good from the outset – you feel good visualizing your wealth and then your excitement mounts as you implement your plans. Achieving the end result is just as exciting as visualizing it. This means there are joy and delight in the creative process. This is what experiencing true abundance is all about. This is how you feel your way to financial freedom.

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