Power Of Asking

Power Of Asking

Some of us may believe that life events occur randomly and that we have no control over that which occurs in our lives. It is easy for us to be led into believing this fantasy of non control over our lives. These feelings are further unbreakable when we experience those events that we wished to avoid.

The main problem stems not from what we think but how we think. We do get what we ask for-good or bad. ITS not so much what we ask for but how we ask for it. For example, if you don’t want something in your life, you usually go through some sort of mental conversation as to the reasons and justification as to why you don’t want, what you don’t want. So naturally your thoughts now become focused on excluding that which you don’t want in your live rather than including what you do want.

Power Of Asking - Prashant Singhal
Power Of Asking – Prashant Singhal

We draw toward us and clear into reality that which we focus our thoughts on most. The more thoughts you put toward something the more it expands. Those thoughts, good or bad, are pulling or attracting you towards the particular reality you don’t want. By attempting to exclude that which you don’t want, you unintentionally draw it into your reality.

What this implies is that we should be focusing on those thoughts that move or attract us closer to that which we truly want or desire. In other words, focus on what you do want not what you don’t want. How then can we know that we are aligning ourselves with correct thoughts? The answer to this is actually quite simple. Any thought that feels good and empowers you will bring you more in line with the vibrational frequency of that which you want and moves you closer to it. Goof thoughts will enhance your well begin. Negative thoughts will pull you away from your source energy and make you feel miserable or irritable. You are now out of alignment with your true wants and desires. If your current thoughts cause feelings of fear, anger, uneasiness or other negative feelings then that should be your warnings to change your thoughts. Negative thoughts are causing you to vibrate at a different frequency from that which you truly want and manifesting a reality you don’t want.

When this happens immediately change your thoughts to that which empowers you or give you a sense of well being. Let your feelings be your guide in terms of which thoughts are positive or negative, empowering or not and give you a sense of well being. Living in a state of well being is a normal state of existence. Living in a state of fear, anger or negativity is not. Which state of being you wish to live in is your choice since ultimately your reality ends up being the physical manifestation of our thoughts.

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