Don’t Give Up….

If you have a burning desire, the right motivation, the right attitude and the right tools to make money with your businesses that are great. But do you have one of the most important tools called the “never give up no matter what” state of mind?

Don't Give Up....
Don’t Give Up….

There are plenty of people in the businesses ‘world who can tell you that no matter how successful you are or how well you are doing, there will always be times that your businesses will take a nose dive or have setbacks. You have to be ready for this and you must know how to jump for one set back to another with enthusiasm. You will need to be like a ball and bounce back up.

Get back on the horse even after you have been knocked off it for many times.

So, if you feel discouraged and you want to quit, you must exercise all or any of the following:

  1. If you feel like quitting, step back and give yourself some breathing room. Don’t spend too much time your business through the day. Instead, spend shorter times going through your businesses (15 minutes each time).
  2. When you do feel angry, frustrated and about to quit, take some nice, deep cleansing breaths. This will relax your mind and body.
  3. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers that you should do on a daily basis. Walking, running, dancing or whatever form of exercise you choose has many benefits for a stress-free mind while building your online businesses. Do this on a regular basis.
  4. Instead of spending too much time on your business, turn your attention to other things in your life that make you feel absolutely great.
  5. Tell yourself that you are a winner. Winners never quit and quitters never win. You are not like them. You have to know that you are a winner no matter what.
  6. Don’t give up and quit when you feel like it. Success could be just around the corner. Desperation has a way of getting your mental juices flowing and there just may be a solution in that flow. If you were just one step away from reaching your goal, would you take that step? What a shame it would be to stop making the effort, when just a little bit more would make it all worthwhile. What a shame it would be to have taken all those steps, only to miss the very last one. The next step you take may very well be the one that makes all the others count. At some point success is just one step away. Keep going and you’ll be there.
  7. Reading motivational books and listening tapes can be a great way to stay motivated. It has great in powers to inspire people. Everyone does it and you should too.
  8. Giving up is really NOT an option. Look for other ways to improve your business until you do find what works for you. Learn and see what other successful people do exactly on a daily basis and apply that to yourself and your business.

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