Secrets to Getting Promotion

No matter what type of industry you work in, no matter what level of position you currently hold, if you want to move up to a more fulfilling position with more pay and opportunity, there are three things you can do right now to grow your career. These three actions are “Secrets” only because most people don’t do them consciously and deliberately. You can have a Bodacious Career because you’ve decided to be productive and in charge of your career.

Secrets to Getting Promotion - Prashant Singhal
Secrets to Getting Promotion – Prashant Singhal

Here are the three secrets to getting a promotion:

1. Perform in your existing job. There’s no way around it. Outstanding performance helps you get noticed and conveys confidence that you can do more. Think of it this way: would you promote someone who isn’t already performing well in their current position? Likely not. But, keep in mind, performing well is the “ante” into the game. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get noticed, especially in a large organization. That’s why secrets 2 and 3 are vital.

2. Market yourself. Know how your role fits into the current department or company goals. Then proactively share how what you’re accomplishing is helping to meet those goals. To succeed in your career requires marketing just like any product or service.

Do it in an informative way such as in project or activity updates at meetings or in e-mail. Make sure to always tie your current activities to the department or group’s goals. You always want to show how you’re contributing. Marketing yourself this way makes it easier for people to understand what you do and managers typically love that you see things in a bigger picture!

3. Know the organization source of power and constructively use it. Every rewards and gives power at to what they value, be it rank, relationships, knowledge, creativity, or otherwise. Determine the organization’s values and start demonstrating them to become more powerful yourself. In addition, become familiar with those who have the power now. People tend to promote those they know and who they perceive add value according organizational norms. Be careful not to focus on only one specific kind of power. It’s always best to have as broad of support base as possible.

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