Get Your Profile’s Secret Circle – Tips to make it Success Circle

Interesting, Amazing & Powerful – It’s good to know that you have shown your interest to know your profile secret circle. Profile Circle will help you to know your profile characteristics and how you can make it more efficient in your regular life.

First I would like to introduce about me that I’m your friend and as profession I work in digital marketing – expertise in social media marketing strategies.

Today I am going to share a Interesting story about my research on 100+ people (professionals, self business owner, employees & more), Because usually if we ask anybody about their profile then they share about their profession. But it’s basically depend on your profile, lifestyle and how you are managing it together. Although you would be amazed if you go through the couple of steps I have shared below and draw your profile secret circle.

So let’s start it with some Interesting Question –

Are you thinking about Profile & what it is?

May be your answer is your profession like: Employee, Professionals, Business Owner and Student or else!

Yes, your answer is right but we are also missing most important things which make our profile complete, these are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Freedom
  • Fame

But how these things affect our profile?

What will be the effect if these things will be counted / managed in profile?

How to achieve the success by following the Profile secret circle rule?

You will get the answers of these above question by go through these points and draw your profile secret circle. First, we will score our points then will draw our profile secret success circle. (Kindly Note down Every Point Score)

Let’s move one by one:-

  1. Health

It’s about your healthy lifestyle you have, how much comfortable and diseases less physical body you are enjoying. It’s also about your good health, fitness and body care in future as well, in terms of physical, mental, thoughts and act.

What rating you give for your health from out of 5?


Most of the times we are more concerned about the work we doing, busy in our schedule and priorities so we face issue to get time for our health. We should take it on priority and keep a good health to enjoy this precious life.

  1. Wealth

Creating or working to add prosperity in your life. It’s about adding financial security in your life and for your coming generation. How much you are sure about that you have created a financial wealth for you and your family.

What rating you give for your wealth from out of 5?


A Good Wealth give us the options to enjoy our life with happiness and financial free or independent for living life.

  1. Family

Spending time and Care about your family. How Much time, attention you are spending with your family? Family is the first moral value who support and stands for you anywhere and anytime.

What rating you give for your wealth from out of 5?


  1. Friends

Friends are the second family where we enjoy our time in a free and personal sharing mood. We have mutual affection with friend to share the mutual relations and understanding together. It’s a companion apart from religion, sexual or family relation. Add more friends in your list and keep an ongoing relation with them.

What rating you give to your mutual affection with your friends?


  1. Freedom

How much time you are giving to yourself to being enjoyed? That is also countable as the love you are spreading to world. Freedom is not only about the time you doing time pass or enjoying it on your own, It’s about what you are creating to yourself for coming future and time you are giving to yourself to improve your personal attitude.

How much rating would you give for your freedom?


  1. Fame

Generating the value or known personality – So it would be known as how much loveable you are for others. We can say that your relations and respect with others.

What do you think how much it could be according to you?


Now let’s draw the profile secret circle:-

Draw a Circle and Point out 5 Points by Equal Distance on its Border and name it according to mention below:

Now we need to mark our score in the circle and joint all the points. So finally you will have your profile circle with you.

Benefits of Profile Circle:-

Profile Circle is basically stands to know about your personal / social responsibility together. You will know about where you need to be more focused to get the circle perfect. Balance is must to keep your profile circle active and focused.

If there’s something you would like to share about the post – comment below or mail me at . I will share my next blog soon.


Prashant Singhal

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